Soup of the day 34
House focaccia 34
Grilled eggplant 42
served with tomatoes, tahini, yogurt, green onion and pesto
Eggplant ravioli 56
with confit of tomatoes, garlic and artichoke a-la-Romana in a cream of eggplant
Zucchini carpaccio 42
in olive oil, lemon & oregano with goats' Feta cheese, onion, tomato and olives
Veal fillet carpaccio in a rosemary vinaigrette 54
balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Served with rocket salad
Red Tuna sashimi 58
in olive oil, lemon and sea salt with wasabi, shallots, sesame oil, coriander and turmeric aioli
Fish of the day tartare 58
Bread 4
Jerusalem Salad 48
Chopped tomatoes and cucumber, green onion, parsley, mint and cashew nuts in olive oil and lemon 48 with Feta cheese +6
Garden and root vegetables 52
with chickpeas, croutons, onions, herbs, garlic, lemon and olive oil 48 with Feta cheese +6
Roma 64
Lettuce and rocket, braised chicken breast, artichoke a-la-Romana, cranberries, onion and Parmesan in lemon and aioli
Tuscan Salad 56
Tomato, cucumber, fresh Mozzarella, olives, pesto, anchovy and brioche
Pizza Margarita 46
Toppings: Mushrooms/olives/red onion +4 Artichoke a-la-Romana/anchovy/ smoked goose breast +10
Main courses
Hamburger and fries 66
Fried onion/Gauda +6 Smoked goose breast +10
Chicken schnitzel & roasted potatoes 72
served with aioli
Chicken livers 68
in Amarena cherry sauce. Served on polenta
Lamb sausages 72
Mushroom risotto 84
Portobello and button mushroom ragu, cream, blue cheese and Parmesan
Mussels & fries 88
in a cream and mustard sauce. With peas, garlic, capers and herbs
Seafood stew 88
with pasta and lima beans in a cream of tomato and Parmesan
Sirloin steak 124
300 grams. In mustard and cream sauce
Salmon fillet 102
in white butter sauce. Served on polenta and spinach
Fish of the day 108
Ask the waiter/ress
Fettuccine in tomato and cream 58
with basil, spinach & fresh Ricotta cheese
Ravioli filled with beets & Ricotta 72
in a cream of Parmesan and sage with diced pumpkin, peas and herbs
Gnocchi in brown butter and beef stock 78
chestnuts, peas, smoked goose breast & Parmesan
Pappardelle and short rib stew 84
With root vegetables in a red wine sauce
Black pasta with seafood 96
in a cream of saffron and pastis
Stir fried noodles with mushrooms 78
garden vegetables, pineapple, curry and coconut milk
Sorbet 28
Baked cheesecake 36
with berry sauce
Bittersweet chocolate mousse 38
with whipped cream and cocoa streusel
Chocolate fondant 42
cocoa streusel & vanilla ice cream
Lemon pie 42
Served with meringue and berry sauce
Apple crumble 42
with ice cream
Jerusalem split 44
Tahini ice cream, pistachio ice cream, roasted sesame seeds, rosemary, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil